May. 22nd, 2010 12:07 pm
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Ok, so I see this on [ profile] torch_wood, and it sounds cool. I like the books, hell I'm re-reading them now, and even loved a line enough to icon it the other day!

...but the thing is, I'm a Owen fangirl. You all know me, I love and adore Owen most of all. I know, and am ok with the fact that 99.99999999999999999999999% of fandom is Jack/Ianto, and most of the love is for Ianto. I know that. But...I'm not that into Ianto or Jack/Ianto. I pretty much only read Jack/Ianto if it's part of a large plot filled team fic, or maybe has a rare hot kink I'm into. These days I mainly scroll though the comms with Google toolbar highlight on looking for any Owen fics are aren't Owen/Tosh. So I don't actually read that much fic lately unless a nice Jack/Owen, Owen/Ianto, or Jack/Owen/Ianto (or hell, I even settle for Jack/Ianto fics where Owen has a major part) fic pops up.

So what do you think the odds are that I'd get anything that appeals to me in this fic exchange? I mean I love the books for their heavy amounts of Owen, but in fic there's no way to know if I might get stuck with like 1000 words based off the one line where Jack teases Ianto about him always knowing when he needs something warm and wet.


May. 19th, 2010 10:04 pm
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I'm re-reading the Torchwood novels, and I had the sudden need to icon this one quote from Border Princes, lol. The whole thing, BTW is:

Gwen walked into the medical area. Her face was drawn with fatigue, and there were dark shadows under her eyes. Unabashed, she went over to James and kissed him.
'I'm the doctor,' grumbled Owen. 'I'm the one who kisses things better.'

The novels make me love Torchwood again. Owen is just so damn adorable in all of them! And hurt/comfort! Lots! I want Owen back. *pouts*

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LOL! reading Something in The Water,click for book spoilers )

Oh Torchwood books, you complete me.

Oh and totally unrelated, I'm working on a new fic, Jack/Owen gender switch, hurt/comfort, sorta, kinda, not quite dub-con. To quote from the warnings: Owen's not exactly screaming "NO!" but is seriously like "Jack, WTF are you doing?! Where is your hand going?! that again." (Oh Jack and his naughty, naughty ways, of practicing first aid.)
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Ok, so I got the books currently out that I didn't have for my Birthday...

SPOILERS For The Torchwood book Twilight Streets!

Click for my spoilery thoughts on the book, and anti Tosh/Owen ranting )
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I have read the books. I love the books. *hugs them* Sure they killed one of my favorite fannons (The autopsy bay/medical area being th same place(Which FITS if you go by the show, unless the medical wing is a perfect copy of the autopsy bay, down to the open room with viewing thing over)), but they were still awesome, and had lots of great stuff. And I think they werers were as big of fans of Hurt!Concerned!Doctor!Owen as I am, cause they both had tons of it!
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Just got home from shopping and *jumps up and down squealing* I HAVE TORCHWOOD BOOKS! (*cough* and Borders has a coffee bar so I'm filled to the brim with coffee goodness...)

Wheee! I'm already in love. *fondles books* Only got 2/3 of the books, cause that's all they had so I have "Another Life" and "Slow Decay" still need "Border Princes". *pets* started reading Another Life while I was still buying my coffee. Luckily my mom was driving so I could read...and I keep bouncing back and forth between the computer and the book hee!


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