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Ok so Gleeks...Puck/Kurt is not canon. Live with it.

Spoilers for Glee 2X12 Silly Love Songs )
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Ok, so Glee has these character Twitters(most likly written by like, the guy who makes the coffee or something, I'd say 99.9999999% chance it's not actually anyone important, and I KNOW it's not the actors, cause most of them have their own Twitters and the ones who don't, are scared of the internet) and they tweet in character stuff. But there's all these MORONS who get all outraged over what they tweet! FFS it's a goddamned tv character! Sue Sylvester said something offensive? DUH. Have you WATCHED the fucking show?!? That's what she does! None of the tweets are possibly even close to as offensive as the things she says on screen. Then there's Brittany. She's the girl who thinks her cat reads her diary, and thinks Dolphins are just gay sharks. So Brittany tweets this:

BrittanyGLEE Brittany
I refuse to vote because we only have a 2-party system. Candidates need to throw at least 5 parties before you really know where they stand.

And there's all these replies of outrage and saying "Keep your opinion to your self!" "How dare you not vote!" and crap. Well for one: TV CHARACTER! Two: 16 year old TV character who can't vote anyway. Three: It's her Twitter, she can fucking tweet whatever the fuck she wants, it's her opinion! And forth: AGAIN SHE'S A TV CHARACTER!!!

Can people on Twitter please get a fucking clue and realize your yelling at people who don't exist? Or at the very least, yelling at some person for writing Tweets in character?
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Ok, so I got the books currently out that I didn't have for my Birthday...

SPOILERS For The Torchwood book Twilight Streets!

Click for my spoilery thoughts on the book, and anti Tosh/Owen ranting )
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I HATE the new excite! I've used excite since I first got online, it was my first privet email, that wasn't my dad's email account. I've been happy with excite since I was 12, and now the bastards turn on me! I can't read a single thing with the tiny windows, to be able to read anything I have to click and open a new window, and I hate that! WTF is wrong with them?! There was nothing wrong! It worked fine! I clicked a email, the email opened! End of story! No fucking tiny little unusable boxes and popup windows!

It's like outlook, I HATE outlook! Yahoo tried to do this to me too, but at least they let me keep the normal, sane interface! What the HELL was excite thinking doing this?!


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