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The new crap LiveJournal did to the comment page, and taking away subjects in comments, so you can't find anything, long threads are impossible to read, and just EVERYTHING they've done in this "upgrade"(more like downgrade!) is pissing me the hell off! Along with them totally ignoring the THOUSANDS of angry comments.
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No. Just...NO! What are we living in 1984? How could any sane person support this?! I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Or rather I'd like to shove all the republicans into a rocket and shoot it into the sun. Can we please just do that? The world would be such a better place.
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Yeah, not at all equal. I'd like to see womans bodies stopped being viewed as public property everyone can comment on, from telling women we HAVE to have children, that's what we're alive for, to telling a pregnant woman what to do, to commenting on how we look, our weight, telling woman they're sloppy and don't care about them selves if they don't slather them selves in make up, etc...

I'd like to see womans sexuality viewed as equally as mens. If insurance covers mens Viagra etc... then it should cover womans birth control and abortions(well that's supposed to be happening by 2013, but when it first came out in the news, there were all the howls about "the government is making out daughter into whores!!!!!!!!!" and shit. But do you hear "The government is making our sons whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when insurance covers Viagra and other penis pills?? No you don't.)

I want to see rape culture end.

I'd like to see people having arguments without resorting to insults using woman as a negative ("You're such a pussy!" "Don't be such a girl" etc...).

There's a LOT I would change if I could.

ETA: another thing I forgot to mention, but was reminded when I was reading a few Childfree comms, the issue of getting sterilized. Or being childfree at all. Men? Can pretty much walk into a doctors office and ask to get a vasectomy, and get one no questions asked. Women get "Oh you don't already have 5 baabeeees?!?! But what about teh baaaaaaabeeeeees?!?!" "You're so young! This is a serious, life changing decision. You shouldn't be so hasty. You can't change your mind if you do something permanent."(as if HAVING a baby isn't a life changing thing, you can't take back when you realize you hate it?!?) "You'll change your mind and be back here sobbing at me to reverse it." To out right being told they have to have children because they're women and that's why we're on earth. Or have doctor press birth control instead of just trying the woman's tubes like she wants, because clearly silly women don't know what's best for them.
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Lose rise jeans! I hate them! So freaking uncomfortable!


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