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Ok, so it started off normal, I'm like in an episode of Burn Notice, I'm like a Victim Of the Week, Michael Westen makes a empty house look like he owns it, has to go off and do Spy stuff somewhere else,so I'm alone in this house, I like lock my self in the bathroom when suddenly I like have cramps, and Do not click if blood and/or baby nightmares squick you. Plus cursing. )

I need to so much wine and chocolate now.
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I had this super weird dream last night.

So for some reason(I think I might have won a contest), I'm in the back of a car with Keanu Reeves, and the driver apparently thinks he's in demolition derby or something, cause we're slamming all over the place, and Keanu has his arm around me, across my chest, to like keep my from whacking my head aginst the window, and is like "Whoa! You're heart's racing!" And I'm like "...dude I'm in a car being groped by Keanu Reeves, OF COURSE MY HEART IS RACING!! ...plus I might die in a car accident."

It was amuseing. My brain is so odd... I think we ended up getting pulled over by the cops...
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So thought I'd post this wacky dream I had(after hours of being molested in malls by Jack and various other kinky dreams), that revealed the answer to the question all Owen fans have pondered since Fragments. "WTF is a manwhore/bastard like Owen doing with a fluffy bunny like Katie?!"

I was in a park or something, pushing a baby carriage with Owen...and Katie. Apparently we're friends, and like met in some parent class or something, and are walking our babies together.

So we're walking and chatting, when all of a suddenly I get all woozy and sick, and Owen goes all fussy!Doctor!Owen on me, while Katie handles the babies and looks concerned. I realize we're been walking for hours and I haven't eaten in a few hours before that, so my blood sugar must be low, and Owen decides to head back to their house as it's closer. Katie takes the babies to the nursery to put them down for a nap, while Owen stuffs food into me, and puts me down for a nap in the guest room.

I'm guessing Owen drugged me since I fell asleep in like two minutes, then Katie comes in while Owen's got a hand up my shirt, groping me listening to my heart and Owen asks about the babies and Katie totally doesn't bat a eye and tells him: "Went right to sleep. Should stay that way for a few hours or so. How is she?"

"Looks alright, heartrate's a bit high, blood sugar was in the basement but fed her and she should be fine."

So Katie moves to the other side of the bed and sits down, taking the stethoscope from Owen and listens for a minute then all casual like, goes "You know, she's pretty cute. And we haven't had anyone since Lindsy was born..." and looks up at Owen though her eyelashes, smirking a little.

Owen gives her this wide eyed, almost Geeky!Owen level look and goes "Katie Harper! What are you suggesting?"

"Just...maybe we should give her a more... thorough physical. Just to make sure she's all right."

Owen's shocked looks morphs into Owen!Smirk(you know the one. the filthy one), and he leans over and kisses Katie. "Have I mentioned how much I love you Mrs Harper?"

"That's Doctor Harper to you mister." Katie tells him with a smirk and...leer I think is the only thing you can call her expression.

Owen goes "Cuffs where we left them?"

And there ends my dream!getting molested by Katie and Owen. And the answer is? Katie was as much of a slut and pervert as Owen! A lady in the street, a freak in the sheets. *nods* ...and a strange side effect of this dream...I think I have a bit of a crush on Katie now...
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I had the weirdest dream...so I'm a serial killer/rapist(we have strap ons) with my new girlfriend, we have much lulz going around with the raping and killing...sometimes even each other (Apparently we're also IMMORTAL). Nothing like occasionally waking up in the middle of some fun nonconsentual open heart surgery(after she gave you the wide eyed innocent look while coming at you with a mask going "Oh it's just some oxygen, your O2 stats are a little low." See what happens when you believe what your serial killer girlfriend says?! *mutters* See if I let her cuff me down and do kinky things with medical equipment to me agin...)

Then we suddenly decide to cash in on all those many people who WANT to be raped and killed by lesbians and open up a....sex shop or something. Make our victims PAY us to rape and kill them. And somehow this is legal. Oh and for some insane, insane reason I cheerfully explaining all this to my parents while moving furniture. Around my girlfriend's corpse. To quote from the dream: Oh it's ok, mom. I had a totally good reason to kill her. She killed me first. S'okay. She'll be fine in a minute.

Then I dreamed I was a gay MAN, and both my husband and I were scared of the dark, but the god damn lights would not turn on, and if they did they were insane dim, then I decided I really needed wine. From the basement. I am a stupid gay man. The kind that gets killed by the monster in the first 15 minutes of a movie. Can you guess what happens to me next? Did you say running in terror, trying to get out of the basement and running smack dab into...something in the dark, that licks me, before I blackout/die? *nods* Yup. That's what happened.

I swear I don't actually do drugs, but you'd never know it going by the cracked out dreams I have.
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Ok, I had the weirdest, and most awesome dream last night.

So Burn Gorman and John Barrowman are in a elevator, JB: ...Burn why are you dressed like that? BG: ...it's a convention. You dress up. That's what you do? Why aren't you dressed up? JB: *gives 'Oh you are so adorable' look* Burn, the fangirls dress up. We're actors. They dress up as us. BG: ....oh. *pout* Why do they get all the fun?

And I'm standing in the back corner like "O_O OMFG" And acting like I'm in Jurassic Park, and they're T-Rex's so if I stand really, really, really still and don't breathe or make a noise they won't notice, and call security on me for being near them.

Then the elevator comes to a screeching halt with a jerk, and I go down hard. They notice me. The loud swearing and holding my head, where I hit it on the hand rail, might have given me away.

So they're like "Oh hey, a injured fangirl!" after they finish with the "OMFG why did the elevator stop?!" phone call, and I freeze again while Burn Gorman is like: BG: See? *waves backback* I knew it was a good idea to come in character. I have a med kit! ...I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV. JB: *eyeballs* ...you totally stole that off set didn't you? BG: ....*shifty eyes* Um... maybe. Well you killed me! Three times! It's not like you need it! JB: I did not kill you! And It was only twice! BG: I mean the show! And it was three! First I got shot, then I died a minute after you groped me back from the dead, then I got turned to dust by radiation. Three!

And I'm sitting there during this whole argument, bleeding and not moving, and not breathing like "...dude, who slipped drugs into my breakfast?" then they notice me again, and turn to fussing over me, since apparently being stuck in a elevator is boring, and coddling a injured fangirl is amusing. ....although I'm pretty sure there's not supposed to be that much groping, or clothes removal in checking a head innjury... *eyes John* Now I know where Jack got his first aid education.


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